Blue Lagoon Thai Cooking School

Blue Lagoon Thai Cooking School

Do you like Thai food ?

Have you ever thought of preparing it yourself?

Take the chance to learn about Thai cuisine.

We would like to introduce you to some of the nearly endless variety of Thai dishes. From Tom Yam Gung to Tom Kha Kai we will happily teach you everything we know. All our ingredients are provided fresh from the market and most herbs you can pick in our own garden. To let you make the most of your stay we only work in groups of up to 6 people. Our school is situated in a beautiful and natural environment overlooking a lagoon directly next to the sea.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you soon.

Blue Lagoon Cooking School is located at Blue Lagoon Bungalows on Klong prao beach, Koh Chang.

Call to book a class:

Phone: 039 557 243
Mobile : 089 515 4617

Yours family Noppawan


Where better to cook Thai food than in Thailand?

Thai food is delicious! It is much different than Chinese food. Curries are common in Thai cuisine, but they are different than Indian curry you may have tried. Coconut milk and lemongrass are two ingredients used in many Thai dishes. Garlic, ginger, galangal, basil, eggplant and lime are other very common flavors. Thai food tends to be on the spicy side, but it is a different kind of spice that in other foods. You should definitely try it!

Better yet, you should learn how to cook it yourself! And to experience authentic Thai food and Thai cooking methods, you should learn it in Thailand. That way, you can experience how it is supposed to taste – not the watered-down stuff you get abroad. We mean the delicious Thai dishes made with fresh ingredients. No boxes, cans or jars.

Once you experience real Thai cuisine, nothing else will do. The good news is that you will learn how to make it yourself back home. And yes, we’ll tell you how to get the freshest ingredients so you can make it taste just as good yourself.

Take some time to browse our site and decide if Thai cooking and Thailand is right for you. Of course, we already know it is!

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